How Green Are You?

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Kermit the Frog once said, "It's not easy being green." And he's right. While it's easy to make simple choices like recycling and conserving energy, being "green" is far more of a lifestyle change that requires time, education and effort. Don't get me wrong any attempt big or small toward eco-friendliness is great, but lets dig deeper to lessen our carbon footprints! (Visit this website to see how much impact your activities have on the environment)

As you know, the paper and printing industries leave large footprints in our environment. So in my endeavor to help Mother Earth I offer and encourage printing on recycled and tree-free paper. offers a variety of earth friendly options including banana paper made from combining tree-free agricultural bio-products and 100% post consumer content.

When purchasing paper pay attention to labels. On the labels your will find information on recycle content, Post Consumer Waste (PCW) and the method of bleaching used.

Be sure to look for the highest PCW content. The percentage of PCW in a recycled product refers to the amount of pulp derived from paper that was used by consumers and then recycled.


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