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Throughout my posts I want to highlight the many elements involved in the creation of a good graphic design. Today I want to focus on color. Since my latest design work is focused on weddings this will be appropriate for those trying to select wedding colors.

The color wheel is the best place to start when
trying out color combinations. To help guide your selection, think about the season and setting of your wedding. Also, consider the mood you want to set. Bright and vibrant colors create drama while soft colors evoke a more romantic feeling.

In all design, less is more. Two to three color choices are sufficient in keeping a clean and consistent look. Too many colors create a jumbled look that can be confusing to the eyes and mind.

According to the wedding websites,
aquas, yellows, oranges and pinks are shaping up to be the hot hues for 2009. Here are a few sample schemes I came up with using this year's trendy colors.


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