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Personalized and customized weddings are the top trend for Brides and Grooms. Repeating colors and style elements throughout the day is a fun way to bring your wedding event together and showcase your style. Be careful though, just as in design, too much of a good thing is not always good. Below is a little collage of some pieces I did for my own wedding.To take personalization a step further, put thought behind your choices -- to enhance sentimentality. Incorporate things the two of you like to do, listen or eat into the wedding designs and decorations. For example, if you like to read, name your tables after some of your favorite books. Why not even use the actual book to mark the table.

Thank you cards are the latest item to receive a personal touch. Many brides are incorporating photos and other wedding details into the card's design. I like this idea because it can be a keepsake that will remind guests of your special day.

Below are two recent thank you cards I designed for Nichole & Eric and Michelle & Ryan. These fall brides doubled their thank your cards as Christmas cards. It's a thoughtful and cost effective way to thank your guests and wish them well for the holidays (Photos by Treasured Images Photography).


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