First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then...

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...comes a baby in a baby carriage (I know you've said this rhyme at LEAST once in your life). It's funny, when you've been in a long term relationship the question you're always asked is, "When are you getting married?" Then, after returning from your honeymoon, the first thing people ask is, "When are you going to have a baby?"

There are many similarities between getting married and having a baby. You have the excitement of announcing the special occasion, and then planning months on end for the "arrival" of that day, followed by showers and a flood of gifts--all in preparation for the start of a new life.

Amidst the excitement, your memories should be captured by a seasoned photographer. My wedding photographer, Danielle of Treasured Images Photography, recently added baby photos to her repertoire. Her wonderful baby photo package includes: baby announcements (designed by me!), five photo sessions to catch each stage of your baby's first year, a photo storybook featuring your favorite moments, and a CD with all of the images to keep!

Below are some of the designs I made for Danielle:


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