A Piece of Cake!

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What I enjoy most about being a graphic designer is that I can personalize items and add that special touch that cannot be purchased online or in a store. Marianne's thank you cards are a recent example of this.

At her bridal shower, Marianne was presented with a "gift" cake designed by one of her bridesmaids! How awesome is that? The bride-to-be loved the cake and wanted to incorporate the photo into her thank you cards. So, we changed her name on the "gift tag" to read "Thank You." Then, to finish the front design, I mimicked the polka dot pattern from the cake as a border.

On the back, "Marianne's Bridal Shower" and date were printed. And because the card had such a fun and flirty feel to it, I had to add a little diamond ring graphic to complete the look.



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