2012 Wedding Style Trends

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With the new year comes new trends! I've been fervently at work on save-the-date and invitation designs for 2012, and I thought I'd share the main style trends I've been noticing. But remember, there is one trend that is timeless -- and that is to make your wedding your own. Choosing what you love and want to incorporate into your wedding day is most important. Who knows, you may be the inspiration for next year's trends!

Old Hollywood Glamour
Old Hollywood Glamour has been roaring since last year and now the runways and Hollywood are taking notice. What's not to love? You have the dramatic contrast of black and white, the dazzling effect of crystals and feathers, and even old movie theater charm! Spurned by the original designs I did for Tiffany & Chad's wedding, brides across the country have been asking me for their own slice of Old Hollywood Charm infused into their special day.

Tiffany & Chad's Wedding Day Storyboard, Treasured Images Photography

Traditional Elegance
The simplicity and sheer elegance of William and Kate's royal wedding made brides across the world swoon. For me, it all started when Kate stepped out of the car. What I especially love about their wedding was the use of locally sourced greenery/flowers, charity registry and personalized vows.
Royally influenced or not, many of my brides this year are choosing classic and formal designs.

Getty Images
Vivid Colors
Bright colors are popping up in 2012. Here is a sample of some of the colors I've been working with:

Monogram It
If you are looking for a simple way to personalize your wedding, monograms or wedding logos are perfect for you! This year brides are increasingly requesting their inclusion into the wedding stationery. 
Here a few of my favorites from over the years:


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